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Fiberglass Cutting

We frequently get questions from customers, asking if we can cut our fiberglass (most of which is stocked in 8 foot lengths) before shipping.

We do offer custom cutting of our stocked tube and rod lengths. Either for getting you under the oversize shipping dimensions or if your project requires certain lengths, we can cut it to length. Cutting is available for a small charge of $1.00 per cut. We bundle ordered goods to minimize overall cuts and only charge for cuts made.

The usual reason is to save a great deal of money on shipping.  (See discussion on shipping of oversize packages, here):

At other times, the customer just wants the cutting to length accomplished before the goods are shipped so they are ready for a specific use immediately on delivery.

In either case, NO PROBLEM! Simply tell us your cutting instructions in the "comments" section of our secure online order form.

On shipments from our retail warehouse, there is a cutting charge of $1.00 per cut. If we can bundle several pieces of your order together and cut them all at one time (such as when 20 pieces of small diameter rod is all being cut to the same length) this still just counts as one cut, and the charge is just $1 per cut. The number we can bundle for a single cut depends, of course, on the diameter and type of product ordered, but we will always do our best to save you money on the cuts.

*****On whole sale / OEM quantity orders  ($400 minimum order) of round tube and round solid rod that we can ship direct from our factory, there is NO CHARGE for cutting.

Tolerances:  At our retail warehouse, we do "rough cuts" only, with best tolerance of 1/8 inch. At the factory we have far more elaborate diamond saws, and can easily cut to tolerances of 1/16 inch at no extra charge. Tighter tolerances ARE possible from the factory, but usually carry additional charges.  (Inquire) Let us quote on your needs!

Most requested cutting of 8 foot goods to avoid "oversize" shipping charges:

Cut Lengths
Cut into thirds
32" / 32" / 32"
Cut into quarters
24" / 24" / 24" / 24"

If you want to cut our fiberglass yourself, here are a few helpful notes:

A fine-toothed hacksaw will do the job on very small quantity jobs. Be certain to support the back side of the tube / rod when cutting through to avoid splintering of the fiberglass as the blade comes through the back.  Rest the fiberglass on a piece of scrap wood at the point of the cut. Also, a wrap of masking tape at the cut point also helps.  Also support the piece of fiberglass level with the cut all along its length. You do not want the ends to fall down as the cut nears completion, splintering the last few strands of fiberglass on the back side of the cut.

Fiberglass Cutting

Do not breathe the fiberglass dust.  It is a good idea to cut outdoors. Use a good protective mask.

If you have the equipment, a far better cutting method is by use of a power miter saw or "chop saw" with an abrasive blade.  These tools will give you a perfect, square, smooth cut every time. NEVER use a toothed blade. The finer the abrasive on the abrasive cutting blade, the nicer the resulting cut, but the cut will also take longer than with coarser blades. Even the very common (and cheap) "metal cutting" or ceramic / concrete cutting abrasive blades that fit these tools will work fine, and they are commonly available at Home Depot and other home improvement and hardware stores.

In all cases, use care when cutting, use breathing protection, and cut outdoors where possible. If you are not knowledgeable in the use of these types of tools, seek professional help / advice, or leave it to the pros!











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