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We pay cash for your used electron tubes from medical imaging equipment!

About Our Company 

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1989. We are interested primarily in your used ceramic/metal electron tubes, such as these:

8877/3CX1500A7, also called the YU-158
YU-209, or VX-1500

We also buy larger varieties of used glass tubes such as the 4-1000A and the 4PR1000A.

We pay top prices for these tubes, turning a hazardous waste disposal problem (most of these tube types contain hazardous materials such as beryllium oxide ceramics) into a revenue source direct to your bottom line!

We also purchase your used/retired RF decks of the equipment which used these tubes. We completely disassemble the decks for parts reuse/recycling, and can provide a certificate of destruction.

Spare parts inventories for this equipment, such as tube "chimneys", sockets, capacitors, etc. are also items of interest, and we would appreciate the opportunity to bid on your surplus stock, new or used.

Please contact our president personally to discuss your items to sell.











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