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Tube sockets, chimneys, and heat dissipating plate caps

An excellent tube datasheet database for a wide variety of electron tubes, maintained by Frank Philipse from the Netherlands

The URL is:

Penta Labs type PL-184

Penta Labs PL-184 tube socket with chimney

          Max. Length: 6.0 in. / 152.4 mm.
          Max. Width:  6.0 in. / 152.4 mm
          Max. Height:  3.654 in. / 92.83 mm. (including chimney)
          Weight:          27.8 oz. / 788.1167 g.

Compatibility:   Designed for use with the PL-172 and PL-8295 pentodes

Mounting:   Requires 5.125" diameter hole through the chassis with 4 x #8 drilled holes every 90 degrees on a 7.125" diameter (on center with chassis hole) and 5.0125" distance from screw to screw on same side

Condition:   New, unused (has not been soldered to!), old stock.

Price:           $129.00  ( Order Now! )

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Eimac SK-1906 chimney WITH optional SK-1916 locking anode clamp! This Eimac chimney fits the popular 3CX800A7 and 3CPX800A7 tubes, as well as others with the same (2.53 inch) anode diameter. The SK-1906 is provided with four 4-40 tapped holes on the bottom for chassis mounting, and four additional 4-40 tapped holes on top to accommodate the optional SK-1906 locking anode ring, WHICH IS PROVIDED AND INSTALLED.

Removed from equipment, excellent condition. 
$29 each (Order Now!)


Eimac type SK-500 tube socket (chimney clips not included)

Eimac SK-500 Air-System socket, cast aluminum body

        Max. Length: 7.1875 in. / 182.5625 mm.
        Max. Width: 5.5000 in. / 139.7000 mm.
        Max. Height: 3.0810 in. / 78.2574 mm.
        Weight: 27.8 oz. / 788.1167 g.

Compatibility: Designed for use with the 4-1000A, 4000, and 4PR1000A tetrode and SK-506 Glass Air Flow Chimney

Must be connected to an air-blower via the socket air-inlet, accepts 2?OD tubing or fitting

Mounting: Requires 3.75?diameter hole through the chassis with 4 x #9 drilled holes every 90 degrees

  Use the 4 drilled and tapped holes for #10-32 machine screws (not included) that are used to
  secure the chimney spring clips above the chassis and the socket body below the chassis.

Condition: Used, removed from equipment, guaranteed.

Price: $69 ( Order Now! )

Eimac type SK-660 sockets

We have several of these Eimac type SK-660 sockets for sale. These sockets are a ceramic body type, designed for use with conduction-cooled tetrodes such as the 4CS250H and the 4CS250HA. We have a very few sockets only (not pictured) and a good supply of the complete socket and conduction cooling mounting assembly.

These were removed from military equipment which used the 4CS250H (yes, I also have some of the tubes) and I have left some of the below-chassis components attached where I thought they might be useful to the buyer. Excellent condition. Price: $25 each, or 2 for $45. (Order Now!)

Heat Dissipating Plate Caps

We are proud to offer a new line of custom-made all-aluminum heat dissipating plate caps ! These SUPER HIGH EFFICIENCY types are an exclusive item, available nowhere else to our knowledge. There are three types available:

Plate cap # 1 is the more "standard" version, which fits the factory-supplied anode terminal on tubes such as the 4-1000A , 3-1000Z, 4PR-1000A, and 833. SEE FACTORY TERMINAL This is a massive, 8-fin plate cap which fits snugly on the factory terminal using a 5/64" hex screw. SEE PLATE CAP # 1 INSTALLED  Diameter is approximately 1.187 inches. Height, overall, is approximately 1.25 inches. (Nests down on terminal about 1/4 inch, so extends about 1 inch above terminal, not including the screw on top for plate lead attachment.) This is the best plate cap available for those who prefer not to remove the factory-supplied factory terminal for whatever reason.  SEE COMPARITIVE PHOTO OF PLATE CAP # 1 (RIGHT) AND PLATE CAP # 2 (LEFT)

 Price:  $14.95 each    ( Order Now! )

Plate cap # 2 is the "Ultra High Efficiency" version of the plate cap # 1. The difference is the fact that the hole in the bottom is drilled to fit the tube anode post DIRECTLY, (not the thin metal cap supplied by the tube manufacturers). The problem with the factory-supplied terminals is the fact that they contact the anode post very poorly, with loose fit and a single set screw. SEE FACTORY TERMINAL This arrangement leads to VERY POOR heat transfer from the tube plates to the more standard plate caps, because of the poor contact with the factory terminals. With our plate cap # 2, you simply REMOVE the factory cap, and install the super efficient plate cap # 2 DIRECTLY on the metal post protruding from the glass at the top of the tube. SEE PLATE CAP # 2 INSTALLED This post is directly attached to the internal plate structure of the tube, and heat transfer / heat dissipation is GREATLY increased! You will notice that with this plate cap it is much more difficult (if not impossible) to make the tube plates glow red under high duty cycles. Heat is the greatest enemy of tubes, so these caps can SAVE your investment! Same overall dimensions as "plate cap # 1" above. This cap is drilled to 0.252 inches inside diameter (6.41 mm) , and fits a .25 inch post.


NOTE: Some tube manufacturers use Bristol spline screws (not hex) to attach the factory supplied plate terminals (for instance, Triton uses the .096", 6 spline Bristol screw) , so if yours uses Bristols, please let us know. Max-Gain Systems, Inc is a FULL LINE distributor for Bristol Wrench Company, and this is not a problem!  

Price: $14.95 each ( Order Now )


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Plate cap # 3 is the Smaller version of our super high efficiency Plate cap # 2. Plate cap # 3 is designed to fit smaller tubes such as the 3-500Z, 4-400A and others with same plate post size of 3/16 inch, (0.1875 inch or 4.76 mm).  The factory-supplied, low-efficiency plate post terminal MUST be removed for this super high efficiency version to be installed directly onto the metal post protruding out of the glass at the top of the tube. (Let us know if your tube uses spline screws instead of hex screws... we are a Bristol Wrench Company spline wrench distributor.) Diameter is approximately 1 inch.  Height overall is approximately 1.25 inches, not including the screw on top for plate lead attachment. Cap nests down on plate post about 1/4 inch, so height above plate post will be about 1 inch, when installed.   SEE PHOTO OF PLATE CAP # 2 (UPPER LEFT FOR SIZE REFERENCE) AND ALL VIEWS OF PLATE CAP # 3

Price: $14.95 each ( Order Now! )


To order, use our secure online order form, or call us Monday through Friday 7 AM - 4 PM Eastern time at 770-973-6251.

You may also print the order form using your browser's print button and fax your order to us at 815-461-7730. PLEASE give us your email address so that we can easily contact you in case we have a question.

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