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Transmitting Tubes

Click here for a quick reference chart of common transmitting tube data, put together by Larry, W6LEG. This data is for reference only, and cannot be guaranteed as accurate.

An excellent tube datasheet database for a wide variety of electron tubes, maintained by Frank Philipse from the Netherlands
The URL is:


This item was custom made for a former manufacturer of large broadcast amplifiers, and is used to safely remove large coaxial base (circular base) metal / ceramic transmitting tubes from their expensive finger-stock sockets without damaging the delicate copper fingers. It is usable on many of the larger coaxial based, air cooled metal ceramic transmitting tubes which have handles to aid in removal.

The puller's handle engagement arms are 7.25 inches wide nominal, and are hinged to allow engagement of slightly larger or smaller diameters to fit tubes such as the 10,000 and 15,000 series nicely, and with some minor modification could be used with many of the 20,000 and even 35,000 series tubes. The puller allows smooth, perfectly vertical removal of the tube without having to "rock" the tube side-to-side, risking socket damage.

Made of aluminum, brass, and stainless components, with one steel screw which shows some rust. Perfectly functional.

Condition : Used, with light shelf storage wear

Important Dimensions
             Max Length         21.00 in / 533.40
             Max Height           9.00 in / 228.60
             Max Width            7.25 in / 184.15

Weight 4.50 lbs / 2041.17 grams

ONE OF A KIND. Order as stock # PULLER-01

Price: $149.00 ( Order Now! )


This tube is the newer version of the 3CPX5000A7 and has a slightly different base than the YC-156. Similar to the YC-179A.

Brand      Eimac
Maximum Pulse Rated Plate Voltage 6500 Vdc
Forced Air Cooled Plate Dissipation 5000 watts
Cooling  Forced air
Important Dimensions  
             Max Length 
               8.25 in / 20.96 mm 
             Max Diameter              4.94 in / 12.55 mm 
             Weight                          152.00 oz. / 4309.13 g 
Condition  New/Unused, Old Stock. Sold subject to your satisfactory test. Money back for price paid for goods (less only shipping & handling) if not satisfied.

Manufacturer's Data Sheet

Price:  $1995  

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This tube is similar to the Eimac 3CPX1500A7

Brand                   MKS 
Current                11.2 amps 
Voltage                 5.5 volts
Cooling                Forced air or Liquid Immersion

Important Dimensions  
             Max Length 
               4.00 in / 101.60 mm 
             Max Diameter              3.50 in / 88.90 mm 
             Weight                         28.14 oz. / 797.76 g 
Condition   New/Unused, in original packaging

Price:  $595 Order Now!  )


From time to time we frequently have transmitting tubes for sale. Most tubes are good pulls, and all are guaranteed to your satisfaction. The tube types we frequently have include:

  • 4X150D / JAN 7035 
  • 4X150A / JAN 7034 
  • 7609 (Similar to 4X150D) 
  • 4CX250B / JAN 7203 
  • 3CX1500A7 / 8877 
  • 8072 (Used in many Signal One radios) 

(Order Now!)

8072 Conduction-cooled version of 8122 (Used in National NCL-2000 amplifier)

Brand                  RCA or Motorola; acquired from a surplus lot
Application        Used in many Signal One Radios and others
Condition           Removed from equipment, excellent physical condition, unable to test, but sold as "Guaranteed to your satisfaction", subject to your successful test

Price: $29.00 ( Order Now! )

EG&G JAN-8951 Thyratron

JAN-8951/HY-36 Thyratron

Manufacturers                   EG&G
Peak Anode Voltage        25 KV
Peak Anode Current        65 amps

Important Dimensions
Max length                 5.375 in / 136.525 mm
Max Diameter            3.305 in / 83.947 mm
Weight                 31.8 oz / 901.5148 g   
Condition   New, unused, old stock

Price $99.00 ( Order Now! ) An absolutely outstanding buy!

These items are shipped ONLY to US addresses. Sorry, no export on this item.

Thyratron Datasheet

ITT Electron Tube Division JAN-8951 Thyratron

JAN-8951/HY-36 Thyratron

Manufacturers                   ITT Electron Tube Division
Peak Anode Voltage        25 KV
Peak Anode Current        65 amps

Important Dimensions
Max length                 5.843 in / 148.4122 mm
Max Diameter            3.376 in / 85.7504 mm
Weight                 39.7 oz / 1125.476 g   
Condition   New, unused, old stock

Price $99.00 ( Order Now! ) An absolutely outstanding buy!

These items are shipped ONLY to US addresses. Sorry, no export on this item.



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