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Thank you for your interest in our transformers! Most (95%) are hermetically sealed military types, but a few are open frame (still mil-spec) and a very few high-end commercial. The bulk of these transformers were removed from military equipment, though 25% or so are brand new. We attempt to keep this list updated as items are added or sold.

LIST UPDATED (Oct 12, 2013)
Qty  Ref #   Primary                secondaries
       2    120v                    24v, 20va 
       7    115v Thordarson 23V478  24vct, 2a
      11    115v, 230v              29.2v, 22.5v @ 120va
1     14    120v                    6.4v, 1.4a / 6.4v, 1.4a / 5.5v, 1.1a
                                    5.5v, 1.1a / 5.5v, 1.1a
      15    230v                    5vct, 10a
      16    120v                    6.5vct, 20a
1     22    120v                    6.4v, 1.75a / 5.5v, 1.1a
                                    5.5v,1.1a /  5.5v, 1.1a
1     23    120v                    5.1v, 4a / 5.1v, 2a / 5.1v, 2a
4     24    120v                    6.3v, 2.5a
1     25    200/230v                24v, 60 watts
1     27    115v                    25.2vct, 2a
      29    120v                    6.5vct, 20a
                                    Texas Instruments # 400229-1
1     35    117v                    6.3v, 3a
1     36    115v                    6.3vct, 3a
      40    230v                    5.1vct, 6.5a X THREE!
6     43    70v (215wv)             17.5v, 14a (215wv)                                 
      49    120v                    25.2v, 1.2a
1     52    230vct                  4.5 - 6.5v, 12a
      53    115v                    5v, 10a
6     55    120v                    2.6vct, 10a
1     57    115v                    250v, 30ma / 250v, 30ma / 
                                    6.3v, 6.5a / 14v, 1.2a
      58    120v                    12vct, 1.5a
1     62    115v                    50v, 12a
1     63    59v (535wv)             16v, 66.6a
1     64    59v (535wv)             13.5v, 43.5a
1     67    115/105; 115/105        40v, 200ma / 47v, 7.5a
                                    15v, 2a
2     77    120v                    6.4v, 6a / 6.4v, 2a
                                    6.4v, 3a
1     81    115v                    6.3v, 12a
2     83    120v                    6.4v, 10.5a
1     96    115v                    28.1v, 2.2a / 8.5v, 2.7a
1     98    117v                    27vct, 500ma / 6.3v, 500ma
22    103   6.3v                    6.3v, 400ma / 6.3v, 400ma
                                    (audio isolation?)

1     104   115v                    26.8v, 1a
1     106   113/2v; 113/2v; 95/20v; 95/20v;
                                    32vct, 1.5a / 13.5v, 2.6a
                                    16v, 600ma/ 115v, 80ma / 
                                    6v, 10.5a / 6v, 10.5a
All items subject to prior sale.

Please call or email for current availability and VERY reasonable price quotation. Please refer to the transformer you are interested in by its reference #, (second column) as this is how they are shelved. Also, it will help to refer to the date of this list (first line).


To order, use our secure online order form, or call us Monday through Friday 7 AM - 4 PM Eastern time at 770-973-6251.

You may also print the order form using your browser's print button and fax your order to us at 815-461-7730. PLEASE give us your email address so that we can easily contact you in case we have a question.

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