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Miscellaneous interesting items

Jennings Overload Circuit Breaker

Manufacturer                      Jennings
Manufacturers P/N             4750A21HEO
Peak Voltage                       40 KV
Variable Current Trip         3-15 Amps
   Width:                               5 in
   Length:                             5.25 in
   Height:                             7.75 in

Mounting:                           4 Holes around base

Sorry, no other data or wiring diagrams on this unit.

Part Number (HV-CB-01)
Price: $ 295.00 ( Order Now! )

Handset H-350/U

NSN: 5965-01-125-3944 (National Stock Number)

The H-350/U is a Microphone-Receiver Handset used for tactical field communications requirements. It is manufactured to U.S. Military Specifications and is normally utilized with Military Man-Pack Radio Equipment, such as the AN/PRC-70 and AN/PRC-77. The Microphone Element in the H-350 is noise canceling. The Handset is equipped with a Press-To-Talk switch and 6 foot (extended) retractile cord, terminating in a 6 pin audio connector (GC329).

For technical data refer to the manufacturer's web page:

Additional information is available through an excellent site by Brooke Clarke, N6GCE:

More information comes from the Jane's Military Communications website:

***NOTE: THIS IS AN EXPORT RESTRICTED ITEM*** Absolutely no sales outside of the 50 US states. This item CANNOT be exported. Please do not ask!

Price $89.00 each (Order Now!)


RF Detectors

We have a large supply of these brand new / unused RF detectors (body only . RF diode not included, as that is the way they were packaged and shipped). These detectors are by Microphase Corp. of Greenwich , Connecticut , and are labeled with two customer part numbers:  Magnavox model no. 188943-1, and CDV model no. 2510HJ. Both appear identical, except for label style. These are a beautifully made, mil-spec item, with silver plated body and gold plated ends. With SMA male connector on one end and SMA female connector on other end. The female end screws off for easy insertion of the RF diode of your choice. See top center of photo showing a unit with end removed. See diode style that these detectors are designed to accept in the upper left corner of photo for reference only. NOT included. Measures 3/4 inch diameter, and 3.5 inches long overall.  There may be some silver tarnish on body from storage.

Order as our stock # RF-DET-01 Price:  $9.50 each! (Order Now!)

Impedance matching pads, 50 to 75 ohms

These impedance matching devices are designed for very low power level applications such as test equipment or receive only applications.. NOT transmitting applications. These units were removed from military equipment, and components inside appear to be 1% tolerance. With BNC female connectors, both ends.

No manufacturer name is visible. Measures about 1.125 inch diameter X 3 inches long overall. Photos with cover removed show internal construction.

Order as our stock # IMP-XFMR-01 Price each:  $9.00 (Order Now!)

Ferrite beads, single and double

These ferrite beads are of unknown material, but were removed from medical equipment which operated at 13.56 mhz, and probably have good characteristics in the HF frequency range. We have single beads and double beads, the double beads being simply two single beads glued together. All have loops of Teflon insulated, stranded wire run through. Beads measure 1.146 inch long, X .589 inch outside diameter, X  .263 inch inside diameter. Many available. 

Refer to our stock numbers: 

  • FBD-01 (single)   Price each: $0.50
  • FBD-02 (double)  Price each: $0.75

(Order Now!)

Ferrite beads, snap-on

These ferrite beads are of unknown material, but worked well in RF suppression on power cords of electronics.  Manufactured by Laird Technologies, part number DX045-0260.

Acquired from a surplus lot.

Maximum wire diameter :     .395 in
    Length :       1.285
    Width :         .873
    Height :        .87
Refer to our stock #: FB-SO-01 

$3.00 each (Order Now!)


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