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Fixed Vacuum Capacitors
(over 1000 pf max.)

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. offers a wide line of vacuum capacitors, both fixed and variable, at absolute lowest prices!  We have many removed from equipment, from commercial or military sources, as well as new surplus. See item descriptions. All are fully satisfaction guaranteed. On receipt, if not delighted, contact us for refund or replacement, if available. All you ever risk is shipping! Our inventory changes constantly, and many items are not shown here. If you do not see what you want, please email your requirements.

Flanges are required for mounting certain types of vacuum capacitors, both variable and fixed. See item descriptions regarding required flanges, if any. We frequently have these mounting flanges available for sale, either with capacitor purchase, or separately. (Inquire for current availability and pricing) Click this link for a listing of Jennings flanges, complete with illustrations and dimensions! (We also carry many Comet flanges.)

Comet CF2C-2000E/35

(Other variations of this capacitor are sometimes available, inquire) 
CF2C-2000E                       CF2C-2000F              CF2C-1500E
CFMA-2000AAC                 CFMA-2000ABC        CFMA-1500AAC

CF2C-2000E/35 ceramic, fixed, vacuum capacitor. MAMi-Cap Series  

Manufacturer                         Comet
Rated Capacitance              2000 pf 
Peak Voltage                         35 KV 
Current Amps (RMS) Maximum  266 amps 
Important Dimensions  
   Max Length                     6.25 in / 158.75 mm 
   Max Diameter                  7.48 in / 189.992 mm 
   Weight                              253.97 oz. / 7.20 kg

Mounting        12x drilled and tapped holes for front and rear end mounting 
Condition       New/Old Stock, checked and guaranteed.

Manufacturer's Data Sheet               

Price: $1,295 Order Now! )

Jennings J4SC01UJ4O2M323

J4SC01UJ4O2M323 titanate, ceramic, fixed capacitor.

Harris P/N : 516-0483-000

Rated Capacitance                      4000 pf
Peak Voltage                                 32 KV
Important Dimensions
                 Max Length                  13.00 in / 330.20 mm (including shaft)
                 Max Diameter               6.75 in / 171.45 mm
                 Weight                          392.00 oz / 11.11 kg

Mounting      Drilled and tapped for screw on bottom. 1x 1 inch metal stud on top.
Condition      Removed from equipment, excellent condition, checked and guaranteed.

Manufacturer's data sheet link provided: J4SC01_datasheet.pdf

Price: $995.00 ( Order Now! )




To order, use our secure online order form, or call us Monday through Friday 7 AM - 4 PM Eastern time at 770-973-6251.

You may also print the order form using your browser's print button and fax your order to us at 815-461-7730. PLEASE give us your email address so that we can easily contact you in case we have a question.

Visa and Mastercard accepted!

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CFFP-1500-25, CFFP-1500-25S, CFFP-1500-30, CFFP-1500-30S, CFFP-1500-35, CFFP-1500-35S, CFFP-2000, CFFP-2000-25, CFFP-2000-25S, CFFP-2000-30, CFFP-2000-30S, CFFP-2000-35, CFFP-2000-35S, CFFP-2500-35S, CFHM-2000, CFHM-2000-30, CFHM-2000-30S, CFHM-2000-35, CFHM-2000-35S, CFHM-2000-40, CFHM-2000-40S, CFLA-2000AA, CFLA-2000AA-55, CFLA-2000AAC/55-PC-G, CFLA-2000AAW/55-PC-GR, CFLA-2000BA, CFLA-2000BA-45, CFLA-2000BAC/45-PC-G, CFMA-1500AA, CFMA-1500AA-35, CFMA-1500AAC/35-BC-G, CFMA-1500AB, CFMA-1500AB-35, CFMA-1500ABW/35-BC-GR, CFMA-1500ABW/35-BC-GRV, CFMA-1500CA, CFMA-1500CA-1500, CFMA-1500CAC/50-BC-G, CFMA-2000AA, CFMA-2000AA-35, CFMA-2000AAC/35-BC-G, CFMA-2000AB, CFMA-2000AB-40, CFMA-2000ABC/40-PG-G, CFMA-2000ABC/40-PG-G1, CFMA-2000ABC/40-PG-G2, CFMA-2000AC, CFMA-2000AC-35, CFMA-2000ACW/35-BC-GR, CFMA-2000ADW/35-BC-GR, CFMA-2000ADW/35-BC-GRV, CFMA-2500AA, CFMA-2500AA-30, CFMA-2500AAC/30-BC-G, CFMA-2500AB, CFMA-2500AB-30, CFMA-2500ABW/30-BC-GR, CFMA-2500ABW/30-BC-GRV, CFMA-2500BAC/15-HC-G, CFMA-3000CAC/35-BC-G, CFMA-5000BA, CFMA-5000BA-10, CFMA-5000BAC/10-HC-G, CFMN-1250AAC/5-DE-G, CFMN-1500AAC/3-DE-G, CFMN-2000AA, CFMN-2000AA-3, CFMN-2000AAC/3-DE-G, CFMN-2000-BA, CFMN-2000-BA-5, CFMN-2000BAC/5-DE-G, CFMN-2500BAC/5-DE-G, CFMN-2700BAC/5-DE-G, CFMN-3000BAC/5-DE-G, CFMN-4000BA, CFMN-4000BA-5, CFMN-4000BAC/5-DE-G, CFSA-1500AA, CFSA-1500AA-15, CFSA-1500AAC/15-HC-G, CFSA-1500BAC/15-CA-G, CFSA-2000AA, CFSA-2000AA-15, CFSA-2000AAC/15-CA-G, CFSA-2000AB, CFSA-2000AB-15, CFSA-2000ABC/15-HC-G, CFSA-2000ABC/15-HC-GK, CFSA-2500AA, CFSA-2500AA-15, CFSA-2500AAC/15-CA-G, CFSA-3570AA, CFSA-3570AA-10, CFSA-3570AAC/10-CA-G, CFSA-3570DAC/10-CA-G, CFZV-2000JAC/5-CA-G, CFZV-2500JAC/5-CA-G, CFZV-3000CAC/20-SC-GK, CKT2000/30/400, Comet CF05C-2000E, Comet CF05C-2500E, Comet CF1C-1500E, Comet CF1C-1500F, Comet CF1C-2000E, Comet CF1C-2000F, Comet CF1C-2000F/15, Comet CF1C-2000FC, Comet CF1C-2500E, Comet CF1C-3000E, Comet CF1C-3570E, Comet CF1C-5000E, Comet CF2C-1500E, Comet CF2C-2000E, Comet CF2C-2000E/35, Comet CF2C-2000E/40, Comet CF2C-2000F, Comet CF2C-2000F/35, Comet CF2C-2000G/35, Comet CF2C-2500E, Comet CF2W-1500E, Comet CF2W-2000E, Comet CF2W-2000F, Comet CF2W-2000G, Comet CF2W-2500E, Comet CF2W-2500F, Comet CF3C-1500E, Comet CF3C-2000E, Comet CF3C-2000E/45, Comet CF3C-2000F, Comet CF3W-2000E, Comet CFLA-2000AA, Comet CFLA-2000AA-55, Comet CFLA-2000AAC/55-PC-G, Comet CFLA-2000AAW/55-PC-GR, Comet CFLA-2000BA, Comet CFLA-2000BA-45, Comet CFLA-2000BAC/45-PC-G, Comet CFMA-1500AA, Comet CFMA-1500AA-35, Comet CFMA-1500AAC/35-BC-G, Comet CFMA-1500AB, Comet CFMA-1500AB-35, Comet CFMA-1500ABW/35-BC-GR, Comet CFMA-1500ABW/35-BC-GRV, Comet CFMA-1500CA, Comet CFMA-1500CA-1500, Comet CFMA-1500CAC/50-BC-G, Comet CFMA-2000AA, Comet CFMA-2000AA-35, Comet CFMA-2000AAC/35-BC-G, Comet CFMA-2000AB, Comet CFMA-2000AB-40, Comet CFMA-2000ABC/40-PG-G, Comet CFMA-2000ABC/40-PG-G1, Comet CFMA-2000ABC/40-PG-G2, Comet CFMA-2000AC, Comet CFMA-2000AC-35, Comet CFMA-2000ACW/35-BC-GR, Comet CFMA-2000ADW/35-BC-GR, Comet CFMA-2000ADW/35-BC-GRV, Comet CFMA-2500AA, Comet CFMA-2500AA-30, Comet CFMA-2500AAC/30-BC-G, Comet CFMA-2500AB, Comet CFMA-2500AB-30, Comet CFMA-2500ABW/30-BC-GR, Comet CFMA-2500ABW/30-BC-GRV, Comet CFMA-2500BAC/15-HC-G, Comet CFMA-3000CAC/35-BC-G, Comet CFMA-5000BA, Comet CFMA-5000BA-10, Comet CFMA-5000BAC/10-HC-G, Comet CFMN-1250AAC/5-DE-G, Comet CFMN-1500AAC/3-DE-G, Comet CFMN-2000AA, Comet CFMN-2000AA-3, Comet CFMN-2000AAC/3-DE-G, Comet CFMN-2000-BA, Comet CFMN-2000-BA-5, Comet CFMN-2000BAC/5-DE-G, Comet CFMN-2500BAC/5-DE-G, Comet CFMN-2700BAC/5-DE-G, Comet CFMN-3000BAC/5-DE-G, Comet CFMN-4000BA, Comet CFMN-4000BA-5, Comet CFMN-4000BAC/5-DE-G, Comet CFSA-1500AA, Comet CFSA-1500AA-15, Comet CFSA-1500AAC/15-HC-G, Comet CFSA-1500BA, Comet CFSA-1500BA-15, Comet CFSA-1500BAC/15-CA-G, Comet CFSA-2000AA, Comet CFSA-2000AA-15, Comet CFSA-2000AAC/15-CA-G, Comet CFSA-2000AB, Comet CFSA-2000AB-15, Comet CFSA-2000ABC/15-HC-G, Comet CFSA-2000ABC/15-HC-GK, Comet CFSA-2500AA, Comet CFSA-2500AA-15, Comet CFSA-2500AAC/15-CA-G, Comet CFSA-3570AA, Comet CFSA-3570AA-10, Comet CFSA-3570AAC/10-CA-G, Comet CFSA-3570DAC/10-CA-G, Comet CFZV-2000JAC/5-CA-G, Comet CFZV-2500JAC/5-CA-G, Comet CFZV-3000CAC/20-SC-GK, Comet MC05C-1250E, Comet MC05C-1250E/5, Comet MC05C-1500E, Comet MC05C-1500E/3, Comet MC05C-2000E, Comet MC05C-2000E/3, Dual-Con, FH 52WR Type, Greenstone CFDP-1500-10S, Greenstone CFDP-1500-15S, Greenstone CFDP-1500-7.5S, Greenstone CFDP-2000-10S, Greenstone CFDP-2000-15S, Greenstone CFDP-2000-7.5S, Greenstone CFFP-1500-25S, Greenstone CFFP-1500-30S, Greenstone CFFP-1500-35S, Greenstone CFFP-2000-25S, Greenstone CFFP-2000-30S, Greenstone CFFP-2000-35S, Greenstone CFHM-2000-0025, Greenstone CFHM-2000-0030, Greenstone CFHM-2000-0035, Greenstone CFHM-2000-0040, Greenstone CKT2000/30/400, Greenstone CFFP-2500-35S, HAMi-Con, ITT Jennings CFDP-1500, ITT Jennings CFDP-1500-10, ITT Jennings CFDP-1500-10S, ITT Jennings CFDP-1500-15, ITT Jennings CFDP-1500-15S, ITT Jennings CFDP-1500-7.5, ITT Jennings CFDP-1500-7.5S, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-10, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-10S, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-12.5, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-12.5S, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-15, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-15S, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-7.5, ITT Jennings CFDP-2000-7.5S, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-0010, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-0015, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-0020, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-10, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-10S, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-15, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-15S, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-20, ITT Jennings CFEP-2000-20S,ITT Jennings CFFD-1225, ITT Jennings CFFD-1225-10S, ITT Jennings CFFD-1225-15S, ITT Jennings CFFD-1225-20S, ITT Jennings CFFD-1225-25S, ITT Jennings CFFM-2500, ITT Jennings CFFM-2500-20, ITT Jennings CFFM-2500-20S, ITT Jennings CFFM-2500-25, ITT Jennings CFFM-2500-25S, ITT Jennings CFFM-2500-30, ITT Jennings CFFM-2500-30S, ITT Jennings CFFP-1500, ITT Jennings CFFP-1500-25, ITT Jennings CFFP-1500-25S, ITT Jennings CFFP-1500-30, ITT Jennings CFFP-1500-30S, ITT Jennings CFFP-1500-35, ITT Jennings CFFP-1500-35S, ITT Jennings CFFP-2000, ITT Jennings CFFP-2000-25, ITT Jennings CFFP-2000-25S, ITT Jennings CFFP-2000-30, ITT Jennings CFFP-2000-30S, ITT Jennings CFFP-2000-35, ITT Jennings CFFP-2000-35S, ITT Jennings CFFP-2500-35S, ITT Jennings CFHM-2000, ITT Jennings CFHM-2000-30, ITT Jennings CFHM-2000-30S, ITT Jennings CFHM-2000-35, ITT Jennings CFHM-2000-35S, ITT Jennings CFHM-2000-40, ITT Jennings CFHM-2000-40S, ITT Jennings JCSL-1500, ITT Jennings JCSL-1500-3, ITT Jennings JCSL-1500-3S, ITT Jennings JCSL-1500-5, ITT Jennings JCSL-1500-5S, ITT Jennings JCSL-2000, ITT Jennings JCSL-2000-2, ITT Jennings JCSL-2000-2S, ITT Jennings JCSL-2000-3, ITT Jennings JCSL-2000-3S, ITT Jennings JCSL-2000-5, ITT Jennings JCSL-2000-5S, ITT Jennings JSLF-1500, ITT Jennings JSLF-1500-3, ITT Jennings JSLF-1500-3S, ITT Jennings JSLF-1500-5, ITT Jennings JSLF-1500-5S, ITT Jennings JSLF-2000, ITT Jennings 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Jennings MMC-3000-15, ITT Jennings MMC-3000-15S, ITT Jennings MMC-4000, ITT Jennings MMC-4000-10, ITT Jennings MMC-4000-10S, ITT Jennings MMC-4000-15, ITT Jennings MMC-4000-15S, ITT Jennings MMC-5000, ITT Jennings MMC-5000-10, ITT Jennings MMC-5000-10S, ITT Jennings MMC-5000-15, ITT Jennings MMC-5000-15S, JCSL-1500, JCSL-1500-3, JCSL-1500-3S, JCSL-1500-5, JCSL-1500-5S, JCSL-2000, JCSL-2000-2, JCSL-2000-2S, JCSL-2000-3, JCSL-2000-3S, JCSL-2000-5, JCSL-2000-5S, Jennings CFDP-1500, Jennings CFDP-1500-10, Jennings CFDP-1500-10S, Jennings CFDP-1500-15, Jennings CFDP-1500-15S, Jennings CFDP-1500-7.5, Jennings CFDP-1500-7.5S, Jennings CFDP-2000, Jennings CFDP-2000-10, Jennings CFDP-2000-10S, Jennings CFDP-2000-12.5, Jennings CFDP-2000-12.5S, Jennings CFDP-2000-15, Jennings CFDP-2000-15S, Jennings CFDP-2000-7.5, Jennings CFDP-2000-7.5S, Jennings CFEP-2000, Jennings CFEP-2000-0010, Jennings CFEP-2000-0015, Jennings CFEP-2000-0020, Jennings CFEP-2000-10, Jennings CFEP-2000-10S, Jennings CFEP-2000-15, Jennings CFEP-2000-15S, Jennings CFEP-2000-20, Jennings CFEP-2000-20S,Jennings CFFD-1225, Jennings CFFD-1225-10S, Jennings CFFD-1225-15S, Jennings CFFD-1225-20S, Jennings CFFD-1225-25S, Jennings CFFM-2500, Jennings CFFM-2500-20, Jennings CFFM-2500-20S, Jennings CFFM-2500-25, Jennings CFFM-2500-25S, Jennings CFFM-2500-30, Jennings CFFM-2500-30S, Jennings CFFP-1500, Jennings CFFP-1500-25, Jennings CFFP-1500-25S, Jennings CFFP-1500-30, Jennings CFFP-1500-30S, Jennings CFFP-1500-35, Jennings CFFP-1500-35S, Jennings CFFP-2000, Jennings CFFP-2000-25, Jennings CFFP-2000-25S, Jennings CFFP-2000-30, Jennings CFFP-2000-30S, Jennings CFFP-2000-35, Jennings CFFP-2000-35S, Jennings CFFP-2500-35S, Jennings CFHM-2000, Jennings CFHM-2000-30, Jennings CFHM-2000-30S, Jennings CFHM-2000-35, Jennings CFHM-2000-35S, Jennings CFHM-2000-40, Jennings CFHM-2000-40S, Jennings JCSL-1500, Jennings JCSL-1500-3, Jennings JCSL-1500-3S, Jennings JCSL-1500-5, Jennings JCSL-1500-5S, Jennings JCSL-2000, Jennings JCSL-2000-2, Jennings JCSL-2000-2S, Jennings JCSL-2000-3, Jennings JCSL-2000-3S, Jennings JCSL-2000-5, Jennings JCSL-2000-5S, Jennings JSLF-1500, Jennings JSLF-1500-3, Jennings JSLF-1500-3S, Jennings JSLF-1500-5, Jennings JSLF-1500-5S, Jennings JSLF-2000, Jennings JSLF-2000-3, Jennings JSLF-2000-3S, Jennings JSLF-2000-5, Jennings JSLF-2000-5S, Jennings JSLF-5000, Jennings JSLF-5000-3, Jennings JSLF-5000-3S, Jennings JSLF-5000-5, Jennings JSLF-5000-5S, Jennings MM-1500, Jennings MM-1500-10, Jennings MM-1500-10S, Jennings MM-1500-15, Jennings MM-1500-15S, Jennings MM-2000, Jennings MM-2000-10, Jennings MM-2000-10S, Jennings MM-2000-15, Jennings MM-2000-15S, Jennings MMC1-2000, Jennings MMC1-2000-10, Jennings MMC1-2000-10S, Jennings MMC-1-2000-10S, Jennings MMC1-2000-15, Jennings MMC1-2000-15S, Jennings MMC-1-2000-15S, Jennings MMC-1500, Jennings MMC-1500-10, Jennings MMC-1500-10S, Jennings MMC-1500-15, Jennings MMC-1500-15S, Jennings MMC-2000, Jennings MMC-2000-10, Jennings MMC-2000-10S, Jennings MMC-2000-15, Jennings MMC-2000-15S, Jennings MMC-3000, Jennings MMC-3000-10, Jennings MMC-3000-10S, Jennings MMC-3000-15, Jennings MMC-3000-15S, Jennings MMC-4000, Jennings MMC-4000-10, Jennings MMC-4000-10S, Jennings MMC-4000-15, Jennings MMC-4000-15S, Jennings MMC-5000, Jennings MMC-5000-10, Jennings MMC-5000-10S, Jennings MMC-5000-15, Jennings MMC-5000-15S, JSLF-1500, JSLF-1500-3, JSLF-1500-3S, JSLF-1500-5, JSLF-1500-5S, JSLF-2000, JSLF-2000-3, JSLF-2000-3S, JSLF-2000-5, JSLF-2000-5S, JSLF-5000, JSLF-5000-3, JSLF-5000-3S, JSLF-5000-5, JSLF-5000-5S, LAMi-Cap, MAMi-Cap, MC05C-1250E, MC05C-1250E/5, MC05C-1500E, MC05C-1500E/3, MC05C-2000E, MC05C-2000E/3, Meiden FH 52WR Type, Meiden SCF-315H52WR, Meiden SCF-317.5H52WR, Meiden SCF-320H52WR, Mini-Cap Series, Mini-Cap, MM-1500, MM-1500-10, MM-1500-10S, MM-1500-15, MM-1500-15S, MM-2000, MM-2000-10, MM-2000-10S, MM-2000-15, MM-2000-15S, MMC1-2000, MMC1-2000-10, MMC1-2000-10S, MMC-1-2000-10S, MMC1-2000-15, MMC1-2000-15S, MMC-1-2000-15S, MMC-1500, MMC-1500-10, MMC-1500-10S, MMC-1500-15, MMC-1500-15S, MMC-2000, MMC-2000-10, MMC-2000-10S, MMC-2000-15, MMC-2000-15S, MMC-3000, MMC-3000-10, MMC-3000-10S, MMC-3000-15, MMC-3000-15S, MMC-4000, MMC-4000-10, MMC-4000-10S, MMC-4000-15, MMC-4000-15S, MMC-5000, MMC-5000-10, MMC-5000-10S, MMC-5000-15, MMC-5000-15S, SAMi-Cap, SCF-315H52WR, SCF-317.5H52WR, SCF-320H52WR, UFC-2000/20/200J, UFC-2000/20/200T, UFCW-2000/20/375,

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