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RF Relays with Mixed or Miscellaneous Connectors

RFK-6396 high speed SPDT RF switching relay with SPDT auxiliary contact set.  

We have LARGE QUANTITY of these excellent, very fast (4 milliseconds maximum... typically much faster!) RF relays for sale. These relays are an excellent choice for low-level RF switching, such as with the Jennings RJ1A or Kilovac HC-1 in QSK applications.

The HI-G d'Italia relays have TWO sets of SPDT contacts. One set is for RF, the other set is for auxiliary switching and control applications (non-RF). These relays are supplied as pictured in the photo, with 50 ohm RG-196A/U teflon coax and one SSMB male (snap on) and one SMB male (snap on) gold plated Mil-spec connector. These relays were removed from brand new military equipment, and are fully guaranteed!

NEW! We now have available the mating SMB and SSMB chassis mount male connectors which mate with the connectors supplied on the relays. (One of each will be needed for each relay) These are gold-plated, mil-spec connectors, removed from equipment, at $1 each! We will sell the SMB and SSMB males for this price, with or without relay purchase. In photos, the SSMB are shown on the left, SMB are shown on the right.


The RFK-6396 relays were made to a special military specification (denoted by the "6396" in the part number. While it is not possible to find out just what this additional specification was, it is safe to say that it was more performance in some way than the standard RFK series relay. The specifications for the standard RFK series are available, and are listed here:


  • All welded, hermetically sealed construction
  • Coax interconnections, using RG-196A/U silver/Teflon coax
  • 200 watts RF carry capability
  • 75 watt RF switching capability
  • Low level to 2 amp auxiliary switching contacts


Coil voltage is 26.5 VDC
  • Coil resistance is 675 ohms
  • Contact rating:
  • DC auxiliary contacts low level to 2A, 28VDC
  • RF contacts 75 watts switching 200 watts carry (cold switching)
  • contact resistance: 50 milliohms max
  • close speed 4 ms maximum!
  • release speed 3 ms maximum!
  • Frequency range:
    • DC to 500 Mhz at full ratings
    • usable to 1000 MHz at reduced ratings
    • VSWR:
      • <1.1:1 at 100 MHz
      • <1.2:1 at 500 MHz
  • Insertion loss:
    • 0.16 dB typical at 100 MHz
    • 0.5 dB typical at 500 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Crosstalk:
    • 50 dB typical at 100 MHz
    • 40 dB typical at 500 MHz
  • Environmental:
    • -65 degrees C to +85 degrees C
    • 20 G's vibration, 10 to 2000 HZ
      100 G's shock, 6 milliseconds
  • Insulation resistance: 1000 megohms min at 500 VDC
  • Dielectric strength: 500Vrms between all mutually insulated points

Condition: Removed from equipment (most was BRAND NEW) excellent, fully guaranteed. Refer to our stock number RFK-6396.

Refer to our stock number RLY-MSC-01 / RFK-6396.
$6 each! (An OUTSTANDING buy!) (Order Now!)

FXR 300-11559

We have good quantity of this unusual relay for sale. We understand that they were removed from the R-390A receiver, though We have not verified this. On one side of the relay are one type "C" female connector and one twinax female connector....(just as one sees on the back panel of the R-390A, so that seems to agree.) On the other side of the relay are three mini-BNC connectors...two-prong type....again, as one sees in the R-390A.

Unenergized, the three mini-BNC's feed straight through to the three center conductors on the other side....the center of the type "C" and the two center conductors of the twinax connector. Energizing either of the two 20 VDC coils opens the circuit on that side of the relay.

Most are made by FXR, and are type 300-11559. The connectors are labeled as J105 and J103 for the type "C" side, and J104, J106, and J107 for the twinax side. Fully guaranteed.

Refer to our stock number RLY-MSC-02
$15 each (Order Now!)

Dow-Key Microwave SPST model 429A-5319 mini RF relay with pin connectors

We have good supply of these removed from equipment / like new condition mini RF SPST relays for sale. They are tiny in size at approximately 1 inch wide X 1-3/8 inch tall X 1/2 inch thick. They have protruding pins for RF connection that are about 3/16 inch long. They are normally open, and have 24- 26vdc coils which close at about 14 vdc. Coil pulls about 200 ma at 24 vdc, and measures 320 ohms. 20 milliseconds maximum close time. Maximum usable frequency rated at 1.5 Ghz. We have no further information available, except this from the manufacturer's website:

Our stock # RLY-MSC-03    Price: $12 each, fully satisfaction guaranteed! (Order Now!)

Aromat Model No. DS1E-S-DC12V

Single side stable and high sensitivity type, non-latching, normally closed.
Manufacturer's (from alternate distributor) datasheet link provided:

Contact Arrangement                  1 Form C
Operate Time                             10 MS (Milliseconds)
Coil Specs:
    Coil Voltage                            12 VDC
    Nominal Operating Current    6.7 mA
    Coil Resistance                        720 Ohms
Important Dimensions
     Max length
                            0.589 in / 14.96 mm
     Max width                              0.386 in / 9.83 mm
     Max height                            0.375 in / 9.55 mm                           
Weight                                        0.2 oz / 5.67 grams

Mounting       Coil and relay terminations are solder terminals, for mounting on pc board
Condition       New, unused, old stock.

Our stock number: RLY-MSC-05          
Price: $3.00 each! ( Order Now! )

Allen-Bradley 500F-DOD930

Allen-Bradley 500F-DOD930 Feed-through contactor with coil (CD236) and auxiliary contact set (595-A series B)
Series                                         A
NEMA Size                                3
NEMA Enclosure Type             No Enclosure
Nominal Coil Voltage                110 V at 50 Hz and 120 V at 60 Hz
Number of Poles                        Three Power Poles and Normally Open Auxiliary Contact
Peak Voltage                              600 V
Continuous Amperage Rating   90 amps
Important Dimensions
       Max Length                 
       7.938 in / 201.6 mm
       Max Height                         10.047 in / 255 mm
       Max Depth                          6.594 in / 167.4 mm
Approximate Shipping Weight   16 lb / 7,250 g
Mounting Attached to factory mounting plate

Manufacturer's Data Sheet
Condition: Removed from equipment, checked, and guaranteed.

Our stock number: RLY-MSC-06
Price: $295.00           ( Order Now! )

Allen-Bradley 500F-AOD930

Allen-Bradley 500F-AOD930 Feed-through contactor with coil (CB236) and auxiliary contact set (595-A series B)
Series                                                B
NEMA Size                                       0
NEMA Enclosure Type                    No Enclosure
Nominal Coil Voltage                       110 V at 50 Hz and 120 V at 60 Hz
Number of Poles                               Three Power Poles and Normally Open Auxiliary Contact

Peak Voltage                                    600 V

Continuous Amperage Rating         18 amps                     
Important Dimensions
       Max Length                              
4.375 in / 111 mm
       Max Height                                7.625 in / 193 mm
       Max Depth                                 4.469 in / 113 mm
Approximate Shipping Weight         3.5 lb / 1,600 g

Mounting                                                     Attached to factory mounting plate
Manufacturer's Data Sheet

Condition Removed from equipment, checked, and guaranteed.

Our stock number: RLY-MSC-07
Price: $49.00  ( Order Now! )

Allen-Bradley 702-DOD93

Allen-Bradley 702-DOD93 Feed-through contactor with coil (73A86)
Series                                              K
NEMA Size                                     3
NEMA Enclosure Type                  No Enclosure
Nominal Coil Voltage                     110 V at 50 Hz and 120 V at 60 Hz
Peak Voltage                                   600 V
Continuous Amperage Rating        90 amps
Important Dimensions
       Max Length                             
4.375 in / 111 mm
       Max Height                               7.625 in / 193 mm
       Max Depth                                4.469 in / 113 mm
Approximate Shipping Weight        3.5 lb / 1,600 g
Mounting Attached to factory mounting plate
Condition Removed from equipment, checked, and guaranteed.

Our stock number: RLY-MSC-08
Price: $129.00           ( Order Now! )

Heinemann Products GJ2-Z20-1

Eaton Corp., Heinemann Products GJ2-Z20-1 Circuit Breaker, multipole-multiple actuator
National Stock No. (NSN)            5925-01-223-3468

Switch Configuration                   SPDT
Nominal Coil Voltage                    24 V DC
Peak Voltage                                  130 V DC
Continuous Amperage Rating   130 amps
Important Dimensions
       Max Length                             
7.12 in / 180.85 mm
       Max Width                                3.00 in / 76.200 mm
       Max Height                               5.52 in / 140.21 mm
Approximate Shipping Weight       3.64 lb / 1,650 g
Mounting                     4x 3/8" threaded holes complete with bolts and corresponding nuts and washers
Condition                     New in Box.

Additional Part Info

Our stock number: RLY-MSC-09
$95.00           ( Order Now! )




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