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RF Relays with Type LC or LT connectors

How to identify LC vs LT connectors:

more standard LC male (on the left) next to
the less common LT male, on the right
(Click the picture to enlarge. )

more standard LC female (on the right) next to
the less common LT female, on the left
(Click the picture to enlarge. )

The most obvious difference is the diameter / thickness of the internal (white) dielectric. The diameter of the exposed dielectric of the LC male is larger than that of the LT. Samples measured .620 inches diameter for the LT male, and .680 inches diameter for the LC male. This corresponds with the opposite on the females of these types. Note the innermost shoulder of the females pictured. The left female is the LT, (internal throat diameter of .635 inches, + or - .002 inches) the right female is the LC internal throat diameter is .695 inches, + or - .002 inches) .  The external diameter and threads are the same on both types.  The LT male will screw completely into either the LT or the LC females. The larger (inside dielectric diameter) LC will NOT screw completely into an LT female, and forcing them (an LC male into an LT female)  further than the point where resistance is felt will result in damage.   For further drawings, illustrations, and information on these two types, follow this link to the Delta RF page: /DeltaLC.pdf   (Don't forget to come back here to Max-Gain Systems, Inc.!)

The determining factor as to which type (LT or LT) is called for is, of course, the type coax that is being used with the male cable end. The diameter of the dielectric of the coax determines the required series. They are best suited for use with cables such as RG-17 or RG-18 which have a maximum OD of .885" and max. OD of dielectric of .695 inches ..   use LC series

                or RG-117/U and RG-118/U which have a maximum OD of .745" and max. OD of dielectric of .620 inches ..   use LT series

Most of these are "removed from military equipment", and therefore are top quality, mil-spec types! All are guaranteed to be in very good, serviceable condition, and are always guaranteed to your satisfaction. We offer refund or exchange (less only shipping and packing) on ALL of our connectors and adapters if not delighted, for any reason!

NOTE: Not all of these connectors / adapters are available at all times. While we do obtain them on a recurring basis, their availability should be verified before ordering.

LT male to LT male coaxial jumpers

We have obtained a small supply of these hard-to-find coaxial jumpers with type LT male connectors on each end. The cable is simply marked as "Amphenol No. 421-103", which we have been unable to reference, but it should be equivalent to either types RG-117/U or RG-118/U. Length is approximately 6 feet, 5 inches tip-to-tip. The LC males are highest quality, silver plated brass mil-spec types.

Order by our stock number:  CC-LT-80       
Price per cable with two connectors is   $69.00        (FAR less than the usual cost of a single connector!)

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Jennings Transfer RF Coaxial Relay with type LC connectors, Model RC54A6325H24B 73905

Manufacturer:                  Jennings
Jennings Type:                 RC5
MFR Part Number:          RC54A6325H24B
Impedance:                        50 Ohm
Number of Coils:               1
Coil Voltage:                     26 VDC
Coil resistance:                 18.8 Ohm Open
                                           17.9 Ohm Closing 
Switching Time:                30 milliseconds
C onnector Type:              LC female
Special Note:               Position 1: 1 is connected to 4 and 2 is connected to 3, Position 2: 1 is connected to 2 and 3 is connected to 4.
          Length:               6.4375 in / 163.5125 mm
          Diameter:             5.625 in / 142.875 mm
         Weight:                   104 oz / 2.948 kg
Mounting: 4 drilled holes through the main body
Condition: New, unused old stock (with minor shelf storage label blemishes)

Manufacturer's datasheet link provided: Model RC54A6325H24B Datasheet

Order as stock # RLY-LC-01 ; Price each: $495.00
( Order Now!!! )



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You may also print the order form using your browser's print button and fax your order to us at 815-461-7730. PLEASE give us your email address so that we can easily contact you in case we have a question.

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