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Hardline or  Heliax Connectors

After looking at this page dedicated to our connectors for hardline and heliax, BE CERTAIN to visit our main RF connector and adapter page, here: Our main page has hundreds of hard to find types and combinations, including adapters for reverse polarity, GPS, and Wi-fi applications! Again, all top quality, and lowest prices!

We are pleased to offer an ever-changing selection of Andrew connectors for heliax and hardline. For your easy reference, we have scanned the front and back sides of the enclosed instruction sheets for each of these types. The complete installation instructions may be viewed by clicking on "front" and "back"  in the table below, in the column at the far right of the connector you want. Remember ... when selecting these connectors, they are made to fit specific types of cable. Read the instructions to be certain you are buying the right one.

Please note that these connectors are specific to the type of cable... you must not only consider the size of your cable (3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", etc) but whether it is heliax or hardline, and sometimes the cable manufacturer must also be considered. Please be certain that the part number you are ordering is the correct one for your cable.

Our Stock Number  
 Fits Cable Type
Andrew F2PDR-C
7/16" DIN male Rt. angle
FSJ2-50 heliax
Andrew F4NMV2
N Male
FSJ4-50B Coaxial Cable
HLC-07 F4NM N-Male Heliax FSJ1-50A $29 PDF
HLC-08 F4PNMV2-C N-Male Heliax FSJ4-50B $29 PDF
HLC-09 F4PNR-H N-Male Right Angle Heliax FSJ4-50B $29 PDF
HLC-10 L4PNM-C N-Male Heliax LDF4-50A $29 PDF
HLC-11 L4PNM-RC N-Male Heliax LDF4-50A $29 PDF
HLC-12 L4PNR N-Male Right Angle Heliax LDF4-50A $29 PDF
Heliax LDF4-75A $29 PDF
HLC-13 44ASP N-Male Heliax FSJ4-50B $29 PDF
HLC-14 F4PNF N-Female Heliax FSJ4-50B $29 PDF
HLC-15 L7PNF N-Female Heliax LDF7-50A $39 PDF
HLC-16 L7PNF-RPC N-Female Heliax LDF7 $39 PDF
HLC-17 F4PDMV2-C DIN-Male Heliax FSJ4-50B $49 PDF
HLC-18 F4PDR-C DIN-Male Heliax FSJ4-50B $49 PDF
HLC-19 L4PDM-C DIN - Male Heliax LDF4-50A $49 PDF
HLC-20 738851 N-Female FLC158-50 Cable $49 PDF
HLC-21 734904 N-Male S-FLC12-50 Cable $49 PDF












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