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Assembly Instructions For
8' Quadra Pod Base
R.F. Jurgens Communications Systems

The Quadra Pod Base is designed to be used with the MaxGain Systems fiberglass telescoping tower systems that consists of as many as five sections of tubing each 6 or 8 feet in length with the lowest section being of 2" OD tubing.  With one foot of overlap, the tower can extend to 36' using the 8' sections.

The Quadra Pod Base can be constructed form standard hardware available at most hardware and home construction stores.   The packing list below gives a nearly complete list of parts where some substitutions are possible in certain materials.  This list should be viewed as a guide in the selection of  parts and materials.  This project can be completed with common hand tools though a drill press can be a considerable asset.

Packing List for Disassembled Base

  1. 4          2x4" by 4' base legs with ½' fiberglass center peg installed and strut tie eyes installed.
  2. 1          ¾' circular plywood base plate with L-Brackets installed to center 2" ID ABS tubing.
  3. 12        ¼" -20 4" bolts and large washers for base plate mounting to T-Nuts.
  4. 3 ½' of 2" ID  ABS pipe with end plug drilled to accept ½" center pin.
  5. 4  1"x1"x 1/8" x 4' struts precut and drilled to accept 3/8" bolts/
  6. 8  sets of 3/8" -20 bolts, nuts and double washers.
  7. 1  3 ½" hose clamp for base plate tensioning of L-brackets.
  8. 2  2 ½" hose clamps for securing strut collar and tensioning mast.
  9. 1  strut to mast collar with eyebolts installed.

Assembly Instructions

Lay out the four legs labeled A, B, C, and D in a clock wise order on a flat piece of ground with T-nuts down against the ground and located toward the center  Note that leg A is different from the others in that it contains the center pin.  The other legs butt against the A leg.  Arrange these as close to right angles as possible and install the round base plate with the A indication associated with the A leg by placing it over the center pin and pushing down.   Install the twelve 4" bolts and washers with a light tightening at first until all bolts are in place.  See figures 1. and 2.

Figure 1

Figure 2  Base Plate

Secure the bolts as shown in Figure 2 Using a ratchet wrench.  Do not over-tighten to the extent that the T-bolts are pulled into the plywood.    Center the 2" ID ABS shaft over the center pin and push down while twisting so that the pin is through the PVC washer glued to the bottom of the shaft.  Install a 3 ½" hose clamp near the top of the L-brackets and tighten until the shaft feels secure.   Again, do not over tighten as this will distort the walls of the ABS tubing and will cause binding with the mast.

Install a 2 ½"  hose clamp about 8" below the top of the shaft to prevent the strut collar from dropping down the shaft and place the collar on the shafted.  Bolt the four struts using the 2" bolts and double washers to the eye-bolts on the collar and base legs.  Tighten these bolts with a ratchet wrench after all are finger tight.  Install a second 2 ½" hose clamp near the top of the shaft and leave it loose until the mast is inserted.  Check to be sure the 2" OD mast inserts snuggly but turns easily, then tighten the clamp if you are ready to install the mast.  Level the base and be sure the mast is close to vertical over the base.  See Figure 3 for details.

Figure 3  Installation of collar and struts

All wooden parts are painted Kaki green and are sealed during the construction.  It is generally advisable to seal all wood ends and cuts with paint so that the wood is not affected by rain and moisture.  With all mast sections in the compact state, be sure the keys for the mast couplers are properly adjusted to secure each section as the mast is pushed up.  Check to be sure that the couplers are secure and that the glue has dried.  Be sure the overlap limits are marked with a red permanent marker on each mast section. 


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