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Photos Related to Anemometer and Other Weather Instrument Uses

One of our users has made an excellent YouTube video, illustrating components and partial assembly of one of our mast systems. Check out this video for good ideas and illustrations of the ease of preparation!

These photos show how easy it is to use either our mast systems to support anemometers and other weather instruments. Our most popular mast for customers buying for this purpose is our best-selling and most popular mast overall, the model MK-6-HD. Capable of maximum heights of 38 feet fully extended, the proper height for an anemometer (33 feet) is easy to achieve due to the ease of height adjustment with this mast. If not fully extended, it just gets stronger! Proper guying with our guy rings and guy rope make this system capable of withstanding VERY severe weather conditions!

The left photo shows the tree mount and the right photo shows the mast extended to 33 feet.

The user who provided the photos above, (Glenn Merlen) who lives in an area that has some very restrictive local ordinances, writes: 

"I mounted the mast using 2 of the RonardEH4 universal tree mounts spaced approximately 30" apart.  The lack of guy wires and the fact that it is a telescoping mast makes it compliant with local ordinances. Fully extended (as shown) the mast extends 33' above ground level, the ideal (meteorological and aviation standard for wind direction and speed) mounting height for wind measurement. Thanks for being easy to do business with and assisting me in selecting the right components for the job. This is the link to the mount. Solid Signal is the only place that I've found that has it.

The mast performed well in the wind. There was a bit of flex to it, but that's okay. I couldn't expect it to be completely rigid without guys to hold it in place. So, I'm a completely satisfied customer."

This user's very creative mount was necessary due to local restrictions (we can suggest ways like this to “work around” restrictions). The mount he referenced above accepts up to a 1.5" OD tube. If you are able to mount and use our model MK-6-HD in your location, (MUCH stronger, and supplied with a 2.5 inch OD bottom section) this particular mounting method would of course not work.

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