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One of our users has made an excellent YouTube video, illustrating components and partial assembly of one of our mast systems. Check out this video for good ideas and illustrations of the ease of preparation!

These photos show the standard-duty MK-6 mast being used in portable signal strength applications in Panama, Central America. (Our masts are in use worldwide, and have been used from the Antarctic to the hottest of deserts.) This user has a drive-on base to support the mast in this temporary application.   

This customer included a note with the photos, and said:

Hi users,

I know you like testimonials and photos from happy customers. These photos shown a measurements taken as a series of runs along selected TV service contours. The calibrated measurement antenna is required to be at a 30 ft elevation. The Standard duty version 32 foot model MK-6 installed in a aluminum base working well in this measurement process.



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