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One of our users has made an excellent YouTube video, illustrating components and partial assembly of one of our mast systems. Check out this video for good ideas and illustrations of the ease of preparation!

This photo was taken by a professional aerial advertising photographer, Michael Fairbanks. Aerial advertising photographers mount cameras on masts in order to get elevated, wide views of buildings, sporting events, large venues and crowds, etc. that are simply not possible from ground level.

Click Here for excerpts from an email from this user.

Email from user:

Here is the first of many photos coming your way.

This is the city library in Peachtree City , Georgia , using the Max Gain fiberglass mast, and a Casio Exilim 10 mp camera at about 35 feet. The mast really makes a huge difference in getting good photographs, especially with architecture and real estate.

Feel free to use this photo and all photos I send to you in any capacity you see fit, be it advertising, web page design, etc. 

I'll be shooting several downtown locations. I'm currently waiting on a new camera and some software that will let me see on my laptop what the camera sees, and will enable me to control the camera from fifty feet below. I'm especially looking forward to shooting panoramic shots of Centennial Olympic Park and Turner Field from inside the stadium.

Stay tuned. You're going to get some great shots.

Mike Fairbanks

Additional elevated mast photography shots below are also courtesy of Michael Fairbanks , showing many possibilities in advertising, real estate, and sports photography with the advantage of a “bird's eye” view!

Note:  Several mast users have told us that they found some usable camera mounts and accessories on this website: that worked well with our mast systems. We have not verified this, and offer this link for informational purposes only.


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