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Maximum Usable Length
Length when sleeved
Minimum overlap of tubes
Length of tubes
Outer diameter of bottom section
Outer diameter of top section
Number of sections
32 feet
7 feet
3 inches
8 inches
6 feet
2 inches
3/4 inch
11.8 Lbs
Great for supporting lightweight items
Want to see how easy it is to assemble?
Click on the link below to view the
Assembly and Use Guide

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Guy Rings


Part Number



Recommended Use



3/4 – 1.75 inch

Five smallest sizes

"Standard" Mast Kits



Guy Rope

Dacron Rope

Photo provided by customer Jerry Carter W4SU

Black Dacron, double weave, stretch resistant, highly UV resistant rope

NOTE: 1 hank of 200 feet will guy the top guy ring of a MK-8-HD if using 3 point guying.
Part Number
Size Rope
Break Strength
C:\Users\bondp.MGS4U\Desktop\SD card\MISC\P1200010.JPG
1/8 inch
85 Feet
350 Lbs.
C:\Users\bondp.MGS4U\Desktop\SD card\MISC\P1200010.JPG
1/8 inch
200 Feet
350 Lbs.

To order, use our secure online order form: Order Now !
or give us a call at: 770-973-6251


Guying Rope Tensioners

Rope Line Tensioner
Looking for a quick and easy way to guy your mast or take up the slack in your wire antenna?
C:\Users\bondp.MGS4U\Desktop\Rope Line Tensioner Tower Guy.PNGC:\Users\bondp.MGS4U\Desktop\Rope Line Tensioner Wire Antenna.PNG
Photos provided by customer Jerry Carter W4SU
This very clean and capable setup was made possible by these very easy to use tensioners!
C:\Users\bondp.MGS4U\Desktop\SD card\MISC\P1200004.JPG C:\Users\bondp.MGS4U\Desktop\SD card\MISC\P1200004.JPG
Rope Line Tensioner
1/8 inch Dacron Rope in use

These Rope Line Tensioners are the perfect solution for quickly guying your mast or easily putting up your wire antennas, such as dipoles. Frequently called Rope Line Tighteners these are great for mobile/quick installations and for permanent setups.

Safe Working Load: 110 Lbs!

Works with Rope Diameters : 3/32" - 1/4" (1/8" works best)

Length:                 4.25 in / 107.95 mm
Max Diameter:    
1 in / 25.4 mm
Max Width:          1.5 in / 38.1 mm
3.14 oz. / 89 g

Refer to our stock # GUY-TEN-01
Price: $9.95 each

3 for $26.85 Save 10%*
6 for $50.70 Save 15%*
9 for $71.55 Save 20%*
(Great for 3 point guying)
12 for $89.40 Save 25%* (Great for 4 point guying)
Additional savings by the case! INQUIRE HERE for large quantities

*NOTE: If you enter an order quantity of 1, you will receive only ONE tensioner. If you want the 12 for $89.40 price, enter an order quantity of 12 or more. Quantities, greater than 12, will be at the "12 for" price per unit.

To order, use our secure online order form: Order Now !
or give us a call at: 770-973-6251


Accessories and Mounts

"Dogbone" Insulator

Ceramic Dogbone Insulator

Strain insulators are perfect for insulating wire antennas, such as dipoles.

Material: Genuine glazed ceramic (not cheap plastic!)
Inner Diameter of Holes:   0.296 in / 7.54 mm
Distance Between Holes (on center): 1.489 in / 37.82 mm Dimensions:

Length:                2.48 in / 63 mm
Max Diameter:    0.956 in / 24.3 mm
Weight:                1.9 oz / 53.86 g

Refer to our stock # DOGBONE-IN-01
Price: $1.00 each

OR 6 for $5.00 Save 16.6%*

NOTE: If you enter an order quantity of 1, you will receive only ONE insulator. If you want the 6 for $5 price, enter an order quantity of 6 or more.

To order, use our secure online order form: Order Now !
or give us a call at: 770-973-6251


RF Connectors and Adapters

Part Number
UHF male,cable end, silver / teflon for RG-8, LMR-400 
Click here for an installation guide for the PL-259
$2.00 each (1-9)  or 10 or more quantity for $1.85 each !
SO-239, 4 hole panel mount, silver-teflon
$2.00 each (1-9) or 10 for $18.50 !

A massive variety of connectors and adapters available:

To order, use our secure online order form: Order Now !
or give us a call at: 770-973-6251

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